Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our First Blog Together

So I started this blog a year ago for my students out in Colorado. I decided to post my link on Facebook, which yes I am a facebook user (Kevin wants to mention that he is NOT!). I had no idea that so many people and family members would visit to read up on our blog. Kevin was not to excited to hear that people thought it was OUR blog considering it was all about Beth and it was pink. So because of marriage and the learning to give a 110% I decided to make it our blog, and in turn he said he would "maybe" post something. As I write this now, Kevin my husband who I lovingly changed my blog for, is sitting in the corner of the office making sure he agrees with everything and making suggestions once in a while. So I ask Kevin, What would you like the bloggers of the blogging world to know? His response...delayed pause...blank stare and then with a no enthusiasm he states "God bless America..." This my friends and family is why I have never included my husband into the blogging world. He is good at reading my blogs and always seems to have a generous suggestion yet when asked to participate in the blog he says "God bless America..." then throws his hands into the air and says "that's all...."
Until next time my friends...we will see if we can ever get Kevin to blog!


Ben said...

Glad to see the new blog. Now we need some pictures.

Dan Wray said...

yeah let's see some pics!! about time... i've been checking your blog everday waiting for a post!
love you- aim