Friday, March 2, 2007

My Dog Zion "Zi"

This is my Dog Zi. He truly is a gift from God and we got him when we were living in Seattle WA. If you want to know the story of Zi you need to ask me or Kevin. I promise you it will be a story you will never forget!!!


KatieMac516 said...

So guess what?? My mouse broke and I'm trying to get on the internet with only my keyboard controls and it's INSANE! But I got here and I just wanted to say that Zi is totally TOTALLY cute, even if he does bark at nothing like Matt said :)

Praying for ya!!
Love, Katie

Anonymous said...

Beth you missed Tuesday and today so I want a Diet Pepsie.

You rock for Folowing Brians fotsteps!

I am glad for you
-Rebekah Shirin

Anonymous said...

Beth what is your story about Zi?
Maby your nezt blog can tell the story!

I think I am going to be able to be able to chat on tuesdays! They are charging $10.00 a person so my mom said we couyld not go again I get to chat!

Beth you can allso e-mail me @ or you can call me at 265-5602 or you can sit with me on the bus to Winter camp!!

I guess I will see you soon!
-Rebekah Shirin

Kevin said...

Excuse me - you missed Tuesday and Wednesday. I would like 2 sodas. I want "OK cola" please. Thank you

Kelsea said...

he's so cute!!!!