Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yard Work

So yesterday was undeniable unbelievably gorgeous. And so instead of staying in, instead of hanging out in front of the TV, Kevin and I decided that we need to be out in about we needed to embrace the good weather that God had given us and do some yard work. So we did, we got one of those machines that tears up all your hard dirt and makes it nice and soft so you can plant new seeds and boy was it hard. I tried helping Kevin but after a few minutes my arms and back began to hurt... later that night my back was shot... and I have been wobbling around like I am 84 years old. But I can 't wait to see the new little baby grass come up to life!!!

As I was using that stupid machine it made me realize that in life sometime we need something to come in and grind up the hard dirt that has stubbornly found its place in our life. And boy is it hard. It can feel like you are being torn apart from every direction in every way, it can grind you, pull you, stretch you, and leave you weary to the bone. But after a few months of the hard times you will be ready for new seed to be planted.

Now if we planted that seed, and did not water it or tend to it it would never grow, it would never sprout into new life. So even if the tearing up is hard, and even if we have come to a point where new seed can be planted if we do not water it, or tend to it, it will only die away.


Katie Mac said...

You didn't blog on Wednesday

My Name is Katie MacMillan and I go to Rockrimmon and I'd like a water please. My tennis coach doesn't like me drinking soda.


Kimmy said...

Umm I think you know me, I do not want anything to drink I just wanted to tell you that you didn't BLOG!!

but i love u anyways!

Anonymous said...

Beth Is that ... 1,2,3,4,5... lets just say you might want to bring a lot of 2 lt sodas!!!!!!

:) I just want you to come to woodmen hights 4 my prize... :)

Rebekah Shirin

PS tell katie that I like how she obeys her Tennis Coach!!!