Wednesday, December 2, 2015

25 Things you can Do with YOUR Animal for the Stable

This years to do list for sweet Gabe. Now depending on the day this may change. I will probably switch it up and not go in this particular order. One other thing Gabe will be doing is encouraging the kids to do one act of kindness a day. I found a calendar with some great ideas!
1. Gabe arrives, sets out The Greatest Gift book and ornaments to go with it and brings out the star that he will hide each day for them to find.
2. Lines up animals in a fun way- I'll probably do something with Jaden's Starwars and Ty's minions....
3. Hides candy canes all over the house for them to find
4. Builds a snowman out of marshmallows
5. Pulls out their Legos and builds them a Lego set up (Kevin will help with this 😉)
6. Builds their train track and rides the train
7. Leaves things to make a gingerbread house
8. Leaves a ticket to see Christmas lights (I print one off the computer) hot chocolate, and popcorn. Also check out we did this last year and it was so fun!
9. Makes cookie dough and leaves cookie cutters, icing, and sprinkles
10. Leaves them a mission to get some toys for a child who doesn't have any
11. Leaves them a ticket to buy a doughnut at Kings. (A local donut shop...)
12. Paper and craft supply's to make Christmas cards
13. Sets up all the animals to read the Christmas story
14. Colors them a picture and leaves out crayons for them to color one
15. Leaves craft materials to do a Christmas craft
16. Strings more Christmas lights in their room
17. Blows up red and green balloons to play with
18. Leaves their jackets out to go take a walk and look at Christmas lights
19. Leaves them money to buy their brothers Christmas gifts
20. Spells out a message using M&Ms
21. Leaves a new Christmas book to read
22. Leaves popcorn out for movie night
23. Leaves streamers out and construction paper- they get to decorate dad as a tree!
24. Leaves Christmas Pjs, and a Christmas movie
There are so many awesome ideas out there. Please please share your amazing ideas and what you did for your littles this Christmas!!!